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Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. is today one of the world leaders in the production of plant and equipment for the manufacturing of expanded polyurethane sandwich panels.

The company was founded in 1988 as Pu.Ma., starting with the production of machinery for producing polyurethane and elastomer items, such as shoes, soles, saddles, etc.;  in 1991 produced the first plant for continuous production of sandwich insulation panels using rigid polyurethane foam. Since then, the path constantly growing led to the formation of Industrie Pu.Ma., becoming unmistakable brand of quality and industry leading till the acquisition in December 2014 by the American The Bradbury Group, aims to expand its product offering and market reach.

Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. now can supply turnkey complete systems, from the sheet forming section to the final stacking and packing of the panels, with all the equipment designed and constructed internally.

A special production data control and display system has been developed which can interface with the various production order control systems.

Our credibility has been confirmed and appreciated by our customers throughout the world.

Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. offers the possibility of testing the production plant in its premises before shipment, checking all the operations using the raw materials.

We offer customers all our experience to meet together any individual production requirement.