Continuous lines systems are formed of a series of machines and equipment which are set up in functional groups, each one with its own mechanical and electronic autonomy; the various assemblies are linked together by one process data control system.

 GLL – metal strip processing group 
Loads, uncoils, processes and forms the metal strip to make the two external facings for the insulating panel.

 GLP – panel forming group 
Heats the facings and continuous press, doses and skims the polyurethane foam, forms the insulating panel and cuts it to size.

 GGPT – cut panel control group 
Manages the panel ageing, forms and packages the finished pack.

 GLLM – mineral wool processing group 
Comprises the complementary machinery and equipment necessary to the plant for the production of mineral wool panels.

Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. systems can work with PUR and PIR expanded foams, using numerous different chemical blowing agents that are currently available.

BG-PUMA is at customer’s disposal to study possible connection to the management systems of final customers’ orders, to realize an automatic flow of production data to the plant.

Furthermore, a tele-assistance service is available to execute interventions directly from automation and software department in Italy.